We are confident that you will receive the finest oral surgery care in Southeast Idaho. Whether it is a dental implant, tooth extraction, or advanced reconstructive surgery, we will go the extra mile to ensure that our patients have a safe and comfortable experience. But don’t take our word for it! Here are some testimonials that we have received from Pocatello oral surgery patients.

Dr. Baker kept all his promises. My surgeries went perfectly well. I felt no pain during surgery and minimal pain after. His dental technicians were excellent and calmed my fears and answered my questions and took great care of me during the procedures.” -Karen J.

“I had the wonderful experience of being Dr. Mark Baker’s patient not once, but twice; once for Orthognathic and the other time for a dental implant. Dr. Baker and his staff took excellent care of me. Dr. Baker is such a knowledgeable professional, I feel fortunate to have been one of his patients. Everyone at Facial & Oral Surgery Associates are very competent professionals that ensure that each patient feels comfortable and at ease during their stay.” -Ashlyn R.

“Now and then I reflect on the luckiest events in my life, but what stands out as especially fortunate is the day I became acquainted with Dr. Shawn Jepsen and the charming, considerate and efficient staff of Facial & Oral Surgery.

My mother had no pre-natal dental care, and my siblings and I all had troublesome teeth throughout our childhood. When the last of my upper teeth deteriorated and a dentist pulled them, I had my first denture when I was just 21 years old. Unfortunately the underlying bone kept deteriorating. In the ensuing years, it became increasingly difficult to get a denture that fit properly – my mouth had no ridge to support a denture. By the time I moved to Pocatello two years ago, I had over 45 years’ bone loss.

Dr. John (Jack) Mooney referred me to Dr. Jepsen, who explained in detail exactly what needed to be done. In the first of two major procedures, Dr. Jepson did bone grafts via a metal grid in my upper mouth. When that healed, we were ready for the second procedure, during which Dr. Jepsen removed the metal grid and put eight implants in place. We were all hoping at least 6 or 7 of those implants would be viable.

At the end of the implant healing process, to everyone’s delight (especially mine!), all eight implants were beautifully solid.

Following that, Dr. Mooney, working closely with Dr. Jepsen and the lab people, fashioned a permanent denture that bolts right into my solid implants.

For those who never had their denture come loose, tilt and pinch with every bite of apple, carrot, steak, etc., or never suffered the embarrassment of having said denture become a projectile due to a sneeze, it might be hard to imagine my delight in being able to eat whatever I wish, with no problems whatsoever. My teeth are better than those I had when I was a teenager. In my opinion, it is no small miracle to have solid teeth again after all those years of difficulties. I will never have to worry about bone deterioration again, thanks to Dr. Jepsen and Dr. Mooney. Working closely with the lab people, they handled the meticulous details and minute intricacies that accomplished this awesome feat.

I think frequently of Dr. Jepsen and Dr. Mooney and I smile — a lot!”

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