Tooth Extraction in Pocatello

Tooth pain is no fun - sometimes you need a tooth extraction

Most people in Pocatello know about wisdom teeth, and understand why they sometimes need to be extracted. Unfortunately, sometimes extraction is necessary for other teeth in the mouth. Having a qualified Oral Surgeon perform an extraction is very important.

Before the discovery of antibiotics, tooth extraction was a common method for treating many different physical ailments. Today, extraction is used to remove broken, infected or decayed teeth. Other common reasons for extraction include preparation for orthodontic procedures and cosmetic reasons.

Two Types of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction falls into two general categories:

  1. Simple extraction: Involves teeth that are visible without X-Rays or other diagnostic tests. Usually this involves just pulling the tooth and caring for the jaw and gums.
  2. Surgical extraction: This involves the removal teeth that aren’t easily accessible. Sometimes the tooth extraction is for areas that are covered or trapped under the gum line, or not fully exposed. Teeth that are just below the gum line and not exposed are sometimes said to be “not erupted”. Surgical extraction usually requires an incision and may include removal of both gum material and also bone material.

Options After Tooth Extraction

When a tooth has been extracted, there are a variety of great options to help maintain good oral hygiene, and also have a greatly improved smile. One procedure that oral surgeons can do is a dental implant. Dental implants function very similar to a normal healthy tooth, and they have many benefits.

If many teeth have been extracted, it may be necessary to do a full or partial denture. A denture is known as a dental prosthetic, and pre-prosthetic surgery is done to prepare the mouth to have a comfortable bite and healthy smile.

Tooth extraction is not the end of the world! Facial & Oral Surgery Associates can help you find a great option after you have had a tooth extraction to restore your beautiful smile.

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