TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment is sometimes necessary to remove pain from common jaw movements

About TMJ Dysfunction

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is a blanket term applied to a host of maladies that affect the temporomandibular joint and the muscles of mastication (or “chewing”). Symptoms can include pain and limited movement in the joint. Noises or popping sounds sometimes issue from TMJD-stricken joints.

TMJD affects 20-30% of the American adult population. It is more prevalent in females than in males. Common causes of TMJD include, teeth grinding, or jaw dislocation. Injury, osteoarthritis, and stress can also cause TMJD. Non-functional jaw joints can strain muscles and nerves of the head and face. This leads to headaches, earaches, and other chronic pains. Correct TMJ treatment can get rid of a lot of needless pain and suffering.

Non-Surgical Options for TMJ Treatment

There are many options for TMJ treatment. Many times, TMJD can be fixed without surgery. TMJD caused by stress can be treated with cognitive therapy and relaxation techniques. Occlusional splints help hold the jaw in the ideal position. In this way, they can also be used to alleviate the strain. Medication can be effective TMJ treatment if your TMJD is caused by arthritis.

Surgical Solutions for TMJ Treatment

Dr. Jepsen and I can help determine if your TMJ treatment requires surgery. We will recommend options that will help stop the pain. Your joint may need to be reshaped or replaced. Whatever the case, we will give you the best of care.

Dr. Jepsen and I are the TMJ treatment experts in Southeast Idaho. You don’t have to continue to deal with and pain and inconvenience of TMJD. We can correct your issues and fix your jaw from hurting. If you are suffering from TMJD, contact us today!

Good Links About TMJ Treatment

Below are some good quality links and articles that will help you learn more about TMJ treatment. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and we will gladly give you more information!

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