Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Reconstructive oral surgery can repair your broken smile.

It’s a dangerous world out there! Accidents can happen at work, school, or play. Sometimes they can affect the face, jaw, and mouth. Sometimes, reconstructive oral surgery is necessary to correct damage caused by falls, sports injuries, and work-related accidents. Such injuries can cause pain, difficulty dealing with everyday tasks, and extreme downturn in the quality of your life.

At Facial & Oral Surgery Associates, we have the skills and talents to deal with your reconstructive oral surgery needs.

Types of Injuries That Require Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Injuries commonly treated by reconstructive oral surgery fall into two categories.

Soft tissue injuries include trauma to soft tissues like the skin or gums. Fractures cover injuries to bony tissues. Injuries can include:

Expert Surgeons, Expert Care

As skilled oral surgeons, Dr. Baker and I can expertly treat your injuries and restore your appearance. We have the knowledge and have mastered the techniques to get you back to looking and feeling as good as new. We will take care of you through the whole process, start to finish. If you need reconstructive oral surgery, Dr. Baker and I are the men to see.

Good Links About Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Below are some good quality links and articles that will help you learn more about reconstructive oral surgery. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and we will gladly give you more information!

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